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How to do a good job of medical equipment tracking management?

Time:2017-7-27 15:43:21

1. Establish complete equipment files
The medical equipment archives records all the documents from the plan, application, purchase, use and scrap of the equipment. A complete equipment file can accurately identify and evaluate the operation of the equipment, and provide a good basis for the maintenance and troubleshooting. The specific contents are as follows:
(1) the equipment purchase materials include: application report sections, analysis of the demand for medical care, social and economic benefits of the demonstration report, sources of funding, equipment management committee approval, product introduction, supplier quotation etc..
(2) negotiating records with suppliers: including product performance, price, after-sales service, contact address, telephone number, date of delivery and place of payment, etc..
(3) equipment in place text materials: including contract, invoice, random all the technical information (description, certificate, circuit diagram, host and accessories list; imported equipment should also be attached to the commodity inspection certificate and national approval certificate and data translation), equipment installation, commissioning and performance acceptance precision report.
(4) after the commissioning of the equipment materials include: registration, account card, operation procedures, three maintenance, use records, maintenance records, performance records; month intact records, scrap scrap stop equipment should be stopped to apply for engineering and technical personnel expertise and superior department in charge of audit opinions.
2, strengthen the management of medical equipment for the implementation of the responsibility system
A device using the length of time, stable quality, working efficiency and testing precision, but depends on the quality of the equipment itself, to a large extent depends on the use of maintenance. The same equipment, if the maintenance work in place, proper operation can reduce wear, reduce the failure rate, prolong the service life, on the other hand, will accelerate the aging of components, frequent failure, premature loss of the original work performance or reduce the accuracy of diagnostic tests. Therefore, the establishment of equipment use responsibility system is to improve the efficiency of equipment guarantee, we should do the following 3 points:
2.1 exclusive service and personal use
The use department is equipped with part-time equipment administrator responsibility, familiar with the equipment performance, operation, maintenance and maintenance procedures, in order to operate properly, and make use of and maintenance records; abnormal timely and related engineering and technical personnel for repairs at work, or to take urgent measures to shut down power and water to prevent accidents occurrence.
2.2 place storage
Medical equipment working environment compared with other equipment required to be high, because the work environment directly affects the accuracy of diagnostic tests, such as automatic biochemical analyzer, there are specific requirements of voltage, temperature, humidity, when the ambient temperature is below 16 DEG C, the enzyme reaction is slow, biochemical test value will fluctuate on clinical judgment the impact of. In the medical field equipment is not only high precision equipment for temperature, humidity, dust, vibration, corrosion, electromagnetic interference environment has strict requirements, and general equipment should also choose appropriate good environment, and according to the conditions of use of the equipment installation tide, anti-corrosion, dustproof, shockproof, anti electromagnetic interference, warm temperature and other necessary proof device, one is responsible for the health of the equipment, the two is to let the patient have a treatment and comfortable environment. In addition, medical equipment is harmful to the environment should also be in accordance with the provisions of protection isolation (such as CT, X, magnetic resonance machine, radiotherapy equipment, iodine test etc.) in order to make the work environment to meet equipment performance not to cause harm, better services for the disease prevention and cure.
2.3 regular training
The use of a machine, the sharing of resources of medical equipment to conduct regular training, make the operator fully understand the structure, principle and performance of the equipment, the correct operation (such as the application of ventilator, multi-functional anesthesia machine, etc.) must be regular guidance to medical staff, especially to focus on the training of the new posts of staff due to improper operation, to avoid negative effects of treatment and bring damage to equipment, reduce the failure rate and improve the utilization rate.
3, prevention oriented, keep the equipment in good condition
The use of medical equipment tracking management, in addition to proper use of exclusive service, establish the necessary maintenance system is the key to keep the equipment in good condition, but also the important content of equipment personnel and engineering and technical personnel responsibility assessment, specific should do the following work:

3.1 equipment, three level maintenance
(1) routine maintenance: it is also called routine maintenance, which is maintained by instrument, equipment, part time administrator or user. The main content is the monitoring of equipment sanitation, tighten the loose screws and spare parts and supply voltage etc., found problems in a timely manner, mostly outside the equipment maintenance area, once a week and fill in the maintenance records.
(2): the maintenance level by part-time administrator or use personnel according to personnel planning and maintenance engineering technology with the technical indicators of the equipment for inspection and testing, mainly for internal maintenance, check (such as sound, temperature, measured data, standard deviation and indicator) and fill in the maintenance records.
(3) two level maintenance: Based on the engineering and technical personnel, a preventive maintenance personnel to participate in the use of instruments and equipment, mainly the main inspection equipment or part of the main components, the adjustment precision and the replacement of wearing parts when necessary, and test and identification of wear, provide the basis for the preparation of the repair plan.
3.2 planned repair of medical instruments and equipment
The planned maintenance of equipment in use is the key to prolonging the natural life and improving the rate of the equipment. The following three aspects should be done in detail:
(1) standard repair method: the repair time, type and content of the equipment, in advance to formulate specific plans, and strictly according to plan implementation, at the same time make a record.
(2) regular repair method: according to the actual condition of the equipment, according to the actual conditions of the three stage, according to the relevant repair period, the repair workload and the date of the plan shall be worked out, and the preparation time before the repair will be shortened and the time taken for the repair shall be shortened.
(3) inspection measuring instruments: medical measuring equipment accuracy and reliability is of paramount importance to the quality of medical care, regular medical measurement instrument detection and correction is to keep the instrument measurement value (units) the accuracy of deviation, provides an important guarantee for the accurate data for the medical work, the work related to the implementation of the "measurement" therefore, to complete the measurement supervision departments under the guidance and the establishment of a complete verification of registration files.
In a large general hospital teaching hospital and some provinces and cities, for the management of medical equipment has a lot of digital information, the use of professional medical equipment management software management records, benefit analysis, maintenance, online warning, became simplified equipment department work process, improve the management efficiency of the first choice, but also become the the measure of a hospital equipment management attention sign.